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10 tips para un estilo hippie de mujer perfecto

10 tips for a perfect hippie style for women

The hippie style is one of the most current fashion trends, and that in one way or another has been with us since its appearance.

That is why today we are going to give you some simple tips on the hippie style for a woman 10.

1- Colors and patterns

You can never forget to give color to your look, and to also choose garments to combine full of prints in the form of flowers of all sizes, stripes, circles or any other geometric or somewhat psychedelic figure, you can also bet on an ethnic touch.

2- Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses and tunics are also another essential in hippie fashion, comfort, soft fabrics and of course eye-catching, they have to have an important place in your wardrobe.


Long skirts with asymmetric or ruffled finishes are also essential in your wardrobe, to which you can also add more than one miniskirt, another perfect garment to show off a hippie style.

4- Pants

Here you have to bet on more than one option, from flared jeans to baggy pants and also going through those wide pants from the waist to the feet.

5- Blouses and tops

To perfectly combine skirts and pants in the purest hippie style, you cannot forget the wide blouses and tops with open backs, with fringes ..., in this sense you will find a large number of options to wear a different outfit every day.

6- Vests

Another of the garments, which in addition to its 100% hippie personality, you can wear with pants, skirts, dresses..., bet on suede and fringes , it will be a guaranteed triumph.

7- Footwear

Both in winter and in summer you also have to dress your feet in the purest hippie style, choosing between totally flat leather sandals , although wedges or platforms are also successful, and, if you prefer to cover your feet, boots or ankle boots, They are perfect, if they show off some detail in the form of fringes, for example, all the better.

8- Accessories

If you want to be a woman 10 in the purest hippie style , you can't forget the accessories, which range from all kinds of beads in the form of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, to rings for your fingers and toes, scarves, headbands hair, headbands or belts, and give the prominence they deserve to hats and sunglasses.

9- Bags

Maxi or mini bags , choose between different colors, textures and fabrics, with perfect combinations in which there is no lack of color, fringes, beaded details and of course, you must have at least one carrycot.

10- Fabrics

The hippie style is characterized by the prominence of soft, natural fabrics ..., in which there is no lack of, for example, silk, linen, cotton or crochet. We are sure that if you want to wear a hippie look with all the essence of the 60s and 70s, but with the trends of our century, you cannot fail to take these tips into account. And we look forward to your visit at Grecca by Mia, your boho women's fashion online store .

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