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bolsos cuero hippies

Discover the best handmade hippie leather bags

Are you looking for a chic style bag to go to the last? The boho chic alternative is one of the most current trends in the world of fashion. For this reason, from Grecca By Mia we want to present you the best hippie leather bags , handcrafted on the peninsula.

With this style of hippie leather bags you will be able to give a fresh and modern touch to each of your outfits, and at Grecca By Mia you will find different designs with competitive prices.

Dare to use the boho chic style!

What is the boho chic style in hippie leather bags?

Hippie leather bags take their inspiration from the free Hippie movement , which emerged in the 60s and 70s, combined with the bohemian or ethnic style of the 21st century. As its name indicates, this trend encompasses elegant bohemian fashion, where accessories, accessories, and clothing stand out for their bright tones, good size, and loose or shiny finishes .

If we had to define this trend in one word, we would use freedom , since the pieces of this hippie bohemian style combine and play with color scales, unusual patterns, new textures, quality fabrics such as animal or PU leather, and the elements that give it a versatile appearance .

However, this modern touch does not take away from the hippie leather bags their romantic side , related to the free Hippie movement of the 20th century. Therefore, using an ethnic piece will add glamor to your different looks.

hippie leather bags

Tips for carrying hippie leather bags

In the world of fashion there are various designs of hippie leather bags that will give that special touch to your outfit.

So, if you want to use it for a day at the office or on a more informal outing with friends, no problem, the boho chic style adapts to all occasions and seasons . You just have to know the different options of hippie leather bags that you have to show off and feel special.

Discover the best handmade hippie leather bags from Grecca By Mia through the following tips to carry this style and cause a sensation wherever you go:

▶ Be encouraged to use bright colors

Hippie leather bags are characterized by combining colors and striking elements in their finishes. These features can be seen with the naked eye because they play with different patterns and textures in the same piece.

Our Happy Original model is a true example of this with its two-tone leather flap and 3 interchangeable straps with fun patterns and unique inlays.

If you dare to use a bright color, you will let your hippie leather bag be the protagonist of your look. To contrast the showiness of this accessory, try to make the other accessories in your outfit simpler.

▶ Good size

When buying a bag, size does matter, because it gives it practicality, but this should not detract from its elegance. So which bag design to choose?

If what you need is to enjoy a good size, then you will need a hippie Shopper leather bag, perfect for those people who love to fill their wallets with things, without forgetting the modern touch of boho chic style.

With Happy Shopping Free Leather you will get both the size and the elegance of an ethnic leather bag. Its finish in two colors, cowhide leather and the detail with the purse and metal chain make this bag an original accessory to add to your collection.

hippie leather bags

▶ Compact elegance

For a more compact elegance, whether it's because you're having a formal lunch or a party and you don't like the idea of ​​carrying so much weight, there are alternatives in our catalog of hippie leather bags that will serve you well on these types of outings.

The Happy Boho Chic shoulder bag is a clear demonstration of compact elegance in a bohemian-style bag, made with the best suede leather and fun fringes that give it a striking touch.

▶ Have fun with the fringes

Also, that a very characteristic element of hippie leather bags are the fringes , because they denote part of the free spirit of the same movement, and of the current trends. Fashion is the best way for you to express your tastes and make you feel special.

When you use a bag with fringes or eye-catching accessories, try to contrast it through simpler patterns on clothing.

▶ Artisan touch

Handcrafted hippie leather bags give the bag an important value that is often lost in industrial mass production.

There is nothing more special in an accessory than being able to appreciate the details of the handmade workmanship.

From the fabric, the patterns, color treatment and added elements, all together tell a story. All the collections of hippie leather bags at Grecca By Mia are handcrafted, taking care and respecting the smallest detail in the piece.

hippie leather bags

Accessories and complements boho chic in Grecca By Mia

We want to help you acquire the best Hippies leather bags in Spain , but this is not the only accessory that we have available within the ethnic style. Our wide variety of Hippie Chic jewelery collections, belts and buckles are part of the accessories with which you can create unique looks and set trends among your friends.

Get into the boho chic trend!

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