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Cómo combinar un bolso beige

How to Wear a Beige Bag

To achieve an ideal look it is important that you know how to contrast colors and tones. For this reason, in this article we will explain how to combine a beige bag and give that unique touch to all your looks. Depending on the occasion in which you are going to use a beige bag, you have to take into account what your outfit will be and where you are going to attend, to choose the model that best suits the moment.

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▶ Beige or camel?

The beige tone is an ideal ally to make an endless number of outfits, since the elegance and versatility of this color applies to both accessories and textiles. In addition, it has a great variety in its palette that has become a trend, in which camel stands out. The latter is a deeper shade on the beige scale and perfect for wearing on more than one occasion, as reflected in our compact Grecca Minimalist model with a unique metal detail on the front.

Beige contrasts with light neutral and dark colors such as white, black, blue, light blue, turquoise, pale pink or green. But surely you must still be wondering how to combine a beige bag with this variety of shades. Keep going!

▶ Goodbye old rules

There are old rules that are completely out of date. So, if you do not want to fall into those preconceived ideas when it comes to knowing how to combine a beige bag, follow the tips that we are going to present below:

➡ Creativity when combining

Although beige is taken as a classic color to use and contrast with any garment, do not let that limit you when creating varied looks. What's more, the idea that you should combine your shoes with your bag is outdated and out of fashion. Have fun with the colors and bring out your creativity and you will see how combining a beige bag without difficulty is possible.

Another old idea is that beige garments should be used for the day or mid-afternoon. Don't worry! Overflow style and glamor at a party with a model like the Minaudiere Desired from our online catalogue, since its handle gives it that modern touch to wear at a nighttime celebration.


➡ The height

When looking for how to combine a beige bag you must take into account the size of the piece and yours. Depending on the types of bags, you can make different combinations and more if you want a specific accessory to stand out.

For example, if you are tall, a shoulder bag or backpack will suit you better due to its size, but if you are of average height, we recommend not using very bulky handbags, you can break the aesthetics of your outfit.

➡ Highlight your figure

The diversity of this tone adapts to all types of figures and is very flattering to the body. You must be wondering what it has to do with how to combine a beige bag with curves. The answer is interesting, because since beige is a flattering color, you will be able to harmonize it with your outfit and achieve the ideal balance.

Like, height, if you are a thin person we recommend you use rounder beige bags , contrasted with other types of accessories, but if you have many curves, look to use straight handbags , you will set trends wherever you go.

➡ The occasion matters

We have already disproved the obsolete rule that beige accessories are only used for daytime, since the tone is very versatile compared to other colors . Therefore, it works for us for all kinds of occasions. Of course, depending on the place where you go or the activity has a particular type.

A Clutch is the ideal accessory for parties, where we do not want to carry many things. While, if a long day at work awaits us, it is advisable to use a backpack because many more things fit.

beige 2

➡ Show off your style

The best way to discover how to combine a beige bag or any accessory is by showing off and respecting your own style. If you like to wear classic colors with more neutral tones, have fun putting together more than one look that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

In the event that you are passionate about experimenting with daring trends, designs like the Savay Shopper are designed for you. Imagine combining two styles like vinyl with crocodile skin in one piece, it's something fun to wear and unique. For this reason, the best we can give you is to be true to your own style, whatever color you wear.

Visit us at our online store at Grecca By Mia to acquire and learn about quality accessories and bags so you can have fun creating all kinds of stories with your clothes. If you have any questions you can contact us , we will be happy to assist you.

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