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combinar bolso negro

How to Wear a Black Bag

Do you want to know how to combine a black bag without falling into stereotypes? In this article, we will clear up all the doubts you may have about this classic color and we will abandon the clichés and tell you how to create a trend with each of your looks.

Learn how to combine a black bag with the quality designs that Grecca By Mia puts at your disposal.

It's a classic color

Black is a color that adapts to any tone, design, trend or texture . This makes it the ideal classic color for all types of clothing, but you must know how to take advantage of it while still looking elegant and fashionable.

Being a classic color, black can only stand out with another equally striking tone such as white, gold, grey, red, violet or green. So, keep this first tip in mind if you want to know how to combine a black bag and go with the trend.

Although this does not imply that other more neutral tones such as beige and brown cannot be contrasted or elaborate different outfits. For example, our Happy Coins model combines black cowhide leather with brown ribbons in its design, giving it that extra touch without breaking the harmony of the wallet.

Tips to combine a black bag

There are many tips to understand how to combine a black bag so that you can bring out your creativity with the different accessories that you use.

▶ The versatile design

There are many contrasting bag designs with different shapes and textures. From simple wallets with ornaments or prints with black stripes, leather textures, reliefs or smooth and in all square, round or rectangular shapes.

A black bag looks good in any design or shape you can imagine. So, there is no limit, when looking for variety in the market. Perfect to wear on any occasion!

▶ The occasion

You already know that there is a great diversity in black bags. Now we are going to discover how to combine a black bag according to the occasion. At work, a black bag or backpack will always contrast with any outfit you wear, be it heels or flat boots.

If you're going to a party and you don't want your dress to be the only thing that stands out, take a black bag with striking gold or silver decorations like the Mini Sweet design; comfortable and compact. This type of piece is perfect if you don't want to carry a lot of things in your bag to be more comfortable.

▶ Beware of measurements

Black is a color that can help us highlight and improve those features of our figure that are not so flattering. Therefore, height and measurements can be another element that you can use in your favor if you know how to combine a black bag with your other pieces.

If you are not very tall, the shape, length and size of a bag are important to make you look more elegant and attractive. What should you do? Use black bags according to you, do not use large shoulder bags, or exaggerated bags, instead of accompanying your look, they will come out of it. If, on the contrary, you are taller, you can carry larger bags, but always following the line of our style, and feeling comfortable with what you carry.

▶ Dare to stand out

As you know, nothing is written in fashion, but there are preconceived rules that do not highlight all your attributes. For example, the same shoes as the accessories or wearing a complete combination of a single color is not a bad thing, but why not dare to stand out with something unique and respecting your style?

It is not necessary to use black shoes with a black bag, give a plus of color to one of the two pieces and remove the monotony of the outfit. Distinctive front prints like Happy Autumn give that unique touch to the black bag.

▶ Balance in the look

Discovering how to combine a black bag has not been complicated, since this tone goes well with any other color , thanks to this, you can stand out with any combination without breaking the balance in the look.

At Grecca By Mia we want to offer you the best accessories, accessories, buckles and bags in Spain. In addition, valuable information so that you can create endless outfits following what best suits your style, along with the most current trends in the world of fashion.

We hope you have taken ideas to combine your black bag, and if you have any questions or are looking for a more daring and original model, visit our website or contact us .

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