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¿Cómo combinar un bolso verde?

How to combine a green bag?

What do you think of green? Difficult or fun to combine? If you have doubts about how to combine a green bag , in this Grecca By Mia article we will show you several ideas and tips so that you do not stop using this fantastic color in your wardrobe.

Surely you can not imagine how to combine a green bag, it is not as impossible a mission as is often thought because this fun tone contrasts very well with the entire palette of traditional colors such as black, beige, brown or white. Do you want to discover more?

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Green: sustainability or ease

The green tone is usually associated with all kinds of topics outside the world of fashion such as sustainability, ecology or hope. The closest thing we usually associate with a garment of this tone is military, but that doesn't sound very chic, but it gives us an idea of ​​how to combine a green bag and make it look good.

In recent times it has become one of the most used colors in the world of fashion due to its versatility and ease when it comes to making textiles. our bag

Leather Flap Shoulder Bag Events

flap bag

It is the best example of this, with its dark green crocodile finish, combining casual and modern styles in a single garment.

The range of green colors opens the way to many possibilities, you just have to know how to balance it well so as not to clash when you wonder how to combine a green bag and wear a top in all your outings.

Ideas to combine a green bag

If you still don't feel confident about how to combine a green bag without going out of tune, here are some basic tips to cause a sensation wherever you go hand in hand with a great accessory. Go for it!

▶ Out of military uniform

The prints on the garments look great, but not if we exaggerate them in a look and appear to be uniformed as a military suit. The balance when combining is a basic rule in the world of fashion.

If you are going to use the same color range , contrast between its light and dark tones to achieve an amazing combination with pieces and accessories such as a portfolio. For example, our khaki suede leather shopping model is a soft green belt bag finished in leather, ideal for contrasting with strong colors such as black or even dark green.

Do not fear the prints on green bags, as these will become that special piece that will stand out in your outfit.

▶ Contrast with classic colors

Classic colors are great allies when creating garments and accessories because it is very difficult for them to clash. With colors like green, they look great for giving that striking touch that the sobriety of traditional tones lacks so much.

Following this tip is key if you want to understand how to combine a green bag with all kinds of outfits. That, yes, let your green bag always stand out against a beige, brown, black or white.

shopping skin

see bag

▶ Beware of flashy tones

When knowing how to combine a green bag with classic colors, you should know that the opposite happens with bright tones . This is because green by itself is suggestive in the creation of garments.

As we mentioned before, it contrasts well with traditional colors because it gives that striking touch to what is sober, but the same does not happen with strong ranges such as red, purple, yellow, among others. Although this does not imply that they cannot be combined, you just have to be careful.

So, if you want your green bag to stand out, lower the intensity of the other striking garments, look for it to be one of its softer ranges.

▶ Have fun with the range of greens

There is a diversity of greens that you should not miss in your looks or accessories such as bags. So have fun and play with their ranges without fear of clashing on your outings. With the different designs that we offer you in our online catalogue, you will be able to give a special touch to a simple look.

If you like to experiment with colors and textures in the Grecca By Mia stock, we have several models of green bags and other fabulous shades for men and women who love to innovate in their outfits. All our products take care of the smallest detail during their preparation and selection in the inventory.

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