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14 trucos para cuidar un bolso de piel y que parezca nuevo

14 tricks to take care of a leather bag and make it look like new

Learn how to care for a leather bag and prolong the life of your leather garments! Many people prefer to buy pieces made of leather because they are stronger and more durable. For this reason, at Grecca by Mia we have prepared several suggestions for the care of leather bags or accessories.

Know your leather bag

How should leather be cared for? Knowing the material and the process that your leather garments go through is important to treat them. The first thing you should know is that leather derives from the tanning process of animal skin.

This process adds flexibility to the source material making it easier to handle in the manufacturing process. When leather is the raw material used in manufacturing products, it is calledleather goods .

In this sector of the industry you will find the application of art on leather. The finished product is a union between craftsmanship and technology.

Because they are garments made of material of animal origin, they usually have a significant price but their durability and beauty will more than compensate for the investment.

14 tricks to take care of your leather bag

Here we offer you the most appropriate advice so that you know how to care for a leather bag . This knowledge will make you lose your fear of investing in a top quality bag.

The leather has special treatments for regular use and cleaning. Also, there are techniques to remove leather stains. These cares can guarantee that your bag looks like new despite the time. Apply these 14 tricks to take care of your leather bags !

▶ Protect it from scratches!

If you buy a quality leather bag, make sure it comes with its protective lining made of cotton. Failing that, do it yourself. In this way you will avoid scratches and stains that may occur while it is stored.

▶ Keep its original shape

Fill it out when you save it. To do this, use paper that is easy to wrinkle like newspaper, magazines, or tissue paper. This will keep it put together and prevent it from warping.

▶ Preserves its color

Another aspect to take care of is exposure to the sun, this causes wear in the color tone of the bag. This is one of the most particular qualities of leather goods, and can be seen in the Happy Hippie bag models. It is recommended to opt for a clean and dry area out of the reach of sunlight.

▶ Do not rest anything on top

Avoid, as much as possible, putting weight on your bag when using it or storing it.

▶ Beware of stains

Try to keep your bag away from liquids that can stain it both inside and outside. If it's already stained, use a damp cloth in small, very gentle circles. If the stain persists, it is best to seek specialized help, a dry cleaner is a good option.

▶ 0 humidity

Humidity can also deteriorate your bag, if it gets wet, choose to use an absorbent cotton cloth. Let it dry at room temperature, away from the sun and direct heat, before using special products.

▶ Take precautions when using your cosmetic products

The perfumes, essences, colognes and cosmetic products that you like so much and need to carry daily can affect the condition of the bag's leather. Try not to spill them on top and cover them well to prevent an internal spill.

▶ Oil stains?

If oil stains your bag, quickly apply talcum powder, it will absorb the oil. Leave it for a few hours, and then remove the dust with the help of a soft bristle brush.

▶ Hydrate it

How to recover the shine of a leather bag? Perform two hydrations a year, this strengthens the leather preventing it from deteriorating. In fact, there is a range of special products to protect leather with excellent results. Also, you can use Nivea cream as a homemade recipe to moisturize your bag.

▶ Use creams but be careful with its components.

Opt for creams free of ingredients derived from petroleum or silicones. Prefer creams based on natural products such as lanolin, beeswax and vegetable oils.

▶ Pay attention to what you save

Learn how to use your leather bags for men or women. Pay attention when introducing your belongings. Use waterproof cases for cosmetics and perfumes. Similarly, use a case for pens, pencils or colors . Take out of habit, remove the case from the bag before opening it as well as close the product and the case well.

▶ Do not exceed your capacity

Do not overload your bag, remember that the weight can damage its handles or break the closure or clasp.

▶ Be careful with your hands

Your hands must be clean when handling it, in this way you will avoid staining or dirtying it.

▶ Brush it

By brushing your leather bag you remove accumulated dirt and dust. You can do it twice a year, if it is a conventional leather bag. This habit will shine and keep it free of dirt.

These tips show how to take care of a leather bag with simple habits of good use. If you like leather garments and the hippie chic or bohemian style, at Grecca by Mía we have a wide variety of items and you can also take advantage of the sales . Get to know all our news in our online store!

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