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Como elegir el bolso perfecto: guía completa

How to choose the perfect bag: complete guide

How to choose the perfect bag.

A bag is the best accessory that you can take on all kinds of outings, since we will always need a place to store the most essential belongings such as keys or a purse, but do you really know how to choose a bag according to your needs ? and likes?

This accessory demonstrates the character and personality of a person , so you should not choose it at random. Discover at Grecca By Mia how to choose a bag to combine with your best looks and set trends wherever you go.

H ow to choose a perfect bag

Types of Bags How to choose a perfect bag

When you go to buy a bag, you must first know what are the styles and shapes of bags that exist in the market. In this way, you will know how to choose a bag according to your daily needs.

If what you want is space, a Shopper like the Happy Bag is an ideal choice, especially for those people who prefer space above all else. Although we could say that backpack designs are just as practical in that sense.

There are many variants that can help you when wondering how to choose a bag , capacity is just one of the things to take into account.


7 key elements on how to choose a bag

Having a quality and comfortable bag are two of the characteristics that we most often take into account when purchasing this accessory. The problem arises when we make that decision without thinking about our own tastes, letting ourselves be guided by impulses.

A good portfolio can give you status and elegance, but there is nothing more satisfying than choosing any type of garment or accessory according to our tastes.

Next, we will present the 7 key elements to know how to choose a bag , with the main objective of highlighting your personality, first of all.

▶ Where are you going?

When selecting a portfolio you need to ask yourself where you are going. The occasion is important in every way. Both to combine a certain color and to decide the utility of the garment in your wardrobe.

For this reason, we advise you to opt for an option that fits the type of outing you are going to do to brand new your portfolio. A party? Something casual? An appointment? A trip? The job? To go shopping? After you answer why, you will know the first step to understand how to choose a proper bag.

▶ Good price

Don't go out of your budget! You can treat yourself from time to time, but always thinking about your most immediate needs.

To know how to choose a bag at a good price , look for a middle ground between a quality and chic garment made with good materials and with an average price.

▶ Capacity

Before we referred to this element because the size of a bag greatly affects when choosing it. This is because the practical purpose of this piece is the storage capacity available in its clothing.

If you want the comfort and practicality of a size in between, the crossbody design is often a great choice. The Shoulder Bag model is a faithful example of this, made to carry your most essential belongings in your day to day without neglecting style and good taste.

women's leather shoulder bag ▶ Style and security

The accessories added to the garments demonstrate the style and security you need in any look. In a bag, the style is reflected in the applications, color and design.

If you like classic ornaments such as a closure, a button, a buckle, go for these types of models. But if other variants such as shiny inlays, embroidery or textures catch your attention, don't be afraid and take a risk. Remember that you are selecting a bag for you.

▶ A taste is not equal to an impulse

Getting carried away by what suits you best is one of the main keys when wondering how to choose a bag. Of course, remember that a taste is not the same as an impulse. What do we mean?

The essential thing when buying a bag is that you really be faithful to your tastes , not to a trend, to what they will say or simply to an impulse, because if it really is not your style, it will keep dust in your closet, and what you need It is showing off with your bag on any outing.

▶ Tones and contrast

The colors of a garment denote part of what you want to reflect with your style, so select those tones in a bag with which you feel good and make a good contrast with your looks.

We are not going to tell you that you only choose neutral colors because they are the ones that best combine with everything. If you like bold tones such as green or red, do not limit yourself. Dare yourself!

▶ Reflect your personality

Enjoy your bags as if they were one more element of your personality. To do this, combine and wear the designs that you like the most, be they small, large, medium, shopper style, backpacks, shoulder bags, etc.

The best advice we can give you is to always decide according to your tastes. What best suits your style, highlighting your personality. And if they are much better, you never have enough accessories to accompany your looks.

At Grecca By Mia we want to help you select the best bags in Spain , along with accessories, belts and buckles to create the most chic outfits.

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