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How to know if a bag is original?

How do you know if a bag is original when there are so many imitations on the market? If you are thinking of buying a designer bag or one made of leather, you need to know some tricks to rule out that it is fake.

Without a doubt, the best thing you can do to ensure that your bag is original is to buy it in specialized stores. Whether they are manufacturers or distributors, these stores give you greater security when making your purchase.

Do you know our catalog of bags and accessories made of genuine leather hippie chic style of excellent quality? At Grecca by Mia we know that you like to wear original and stylish bags. Likewise, we know that you may have doubts about the authenticity of your next purchase. For this reason, we present below 4 keys to distinguish an original bag from an imitation .

4 keys to know if a bag is original

So how do you know if a bag is original? Keep reading and discover the inflatable tricks to differentiate a copy from an authentic one:

✅ Sloppy sewing

The first clue to spot a fake bag is its seams. If you notice that they are neglected, inclined or uneven, you are undoubtedly facing an imitation. Be sure to check the inside of the bag, as many copies hide sloppy stitching on the inner lining. This applies to both large bags and small pieces, for example, leather fanny packs .

✅ Check the zipper

In the original bags the zippers must be closed smoothly. In addition, together with the handle that includes the brand's logo, the zippers are heavy and of good quality. If when opening and closing the zippers you notice that there are problems or the handle breaks, it is a copy.


✅ Brand and serial number

Are you looking for an infallible formula? How to know if a bag is original ? Check if there is a label with the brand name and a serial number inside. In an authentic bag the interior labels are either hand sewn or stamped into the leather .

In some cases, designers include an authenticity label inside the bag. However, counterfeits have also incorporated it, although it can be detected by seeing errors in the text.

✅ Leather quality

The last key to know if you are in front of an authentic piece is to verify if the manufacturing material is real. This aspect is especially aimed at leather bags and backpacks , since real leather has a number of characteristics that cannot be replicated. For example, its smell, weight, texture and resistance.

Are you thinking of buying an original leather bag? It is best that you learn some tricks to verify the authenticity of the material before paying for it.

How to know if a bag is genuine leather?

With your hands you will be able to differentiate authentic leather from synthetic leather, by comparing their textures just by passing your hand. Below, we present the main characteristics of the original leather that you can perceive by touch:

▶ Touch it

An original leather bag is smooth, soft and flexible, while a synthetic material is rough and more rigid to the touch. You can check if the leather is of quality by pressing the bag on its surface with your fingers. Do small wrinkles appear on its surface and disappear in a few seconds? This is a sign that the quality of the leather is high, like the Happy Doc Suitcase made by hand in cowhide.

▶ Rub the leather

The quality of the leather is perceptible to the touch, the artificial leather gives the impression of being cold and lifeless. How to identify a fake leather bag ? If by gently rubbing the leather of the bag it warms up and retains its temperature, it is original. Otherwise it is artificial fur.

▶ Perceive its aroma

The aroma given off by authentic leather is characteristic, this aroma differs from leatherette, whose smell of plastic is easy to detect. This test must be accompanied by the previous ones, to make sure that it is not a substance that mimics the smell of leather. Many imitators use this fake scent that loses its essence over time.


▶ Rub a little with your fingernail

Another resource to check genuine leather is to rub the surface with your fingernail, thus releasing the 'grass of leather'. These tiny particles identify the original leather, also try digging a fingernail into the leather, you will see how it leaves a small mark. This would never happen if you try to do the same with a leatherette or synthetic leather.

▶ Test your hardness

As a last trick, if you have bought the bag but still have doubts about its authenticity, try to put a needle through the leather. If you do it easily it is faux fur. On the other hand, if you have difficulty, it is genuine leather, since it is not easy to pierce with a needle.

These tricks will also help you identify the originality of any garment made with genuine leather. The best environment to observe a leather garment is a bright space, which allows you to do the tests in detail.

We hope this post has helped you clear up your doubts about how to tell if a bag is original. Don't be fooled with leatherette or leatherette items. At Grecca by Mia we offer you original leather bags, backpacks and accessories. Visit our online store!

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