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¿Qué es el cuero PU y qué lo diferencia del original?

What is PU leather and what makes it different from the original?

Pu leather , also known as synthetic leather, is an imitation of the original leather that is made of polyurethane leather , which is a plastic that is very similar in texture and appearance. This material is used to make different kinds of textile products such as wallets, bags , clothing, among others.

To make this synthetic leather, a fiber-based coating is applied to the polyurethane plastic, which is generally polyester, while the original leather is made with animal skin, mainly cow skin, which is tanned to prevent it from decomposing. .

Leather is usually one of the favorite materials for those who are going to buy handbags and other fashion accessories . If you don't know if you should choose between an original leather bag or wallet or opt for pu leather, in this article we will tell you the main differences between the two so that you can make the best choice according to your convenience:

What are the differences between pu leather and conventional?

Between pu leather and the original there are some quite noticeable differences that it is important to know before choosing any of these materials. The main ones are the following:

Resistance to sun exposure

Pu leather is more resistant to sunlight, which is why it should be used to make linings for armchairs, chairs, motorcycle or car seats. Conversely, some kinds of genuine leather can crack or fade in the sun.


The maintenance of pu leather is more comfortable and easier to carry out than that of full leather , since it only needs to be used from time to time with a damp cloth. This is because animal leather tends to dry out and needs more care.

The use of soap and water is recommended to clean genuine leather and when it becomes stained with sweat or oil you can use a special leather cleaner or leather conditioner applied from time to time to preserve its suppleness and prevent it from dulling. stiff or cracked.


Through time, pu leather maintains the same appearance, while the original leather can improve its appearance and become softer.

Synthetic leather


When it comes to the price of pu leather, it is cheaper than genuine leather , which is why some people prefer to buy products made with this synthetic leather.

hypoallergenic qualities

Unlike pu leather, some original leathers have hypoallergenic properties, which makes them an ideal alternative for people who suffer from any kind of allergy.


Compared to the level of perspiration that animal leather has, that of pu leather is much lower, which can affect the state of some items such as shoes.


Pu leather is usually considered more ecological than the original , since to manufacture it, animals do not have to be exploited or highly polluting chemicals such as chrome and ammonia are needed.

However, because it is manufactured with plastics and derivatives, there are doubts regarding its true contribution in regards to caring for the environment.

thickness and durability

The texture of both kinds of leather is usually very similar, the one made with pu material is less thick, which generally causes it to have less durability, since it can tear more easily. Also, pu leather tends to bend and crack over time.



Pu leather can be found in a greater range of colors, textures, and thicknesses, while the original is more limited in this regard , since it can only be made in some colors or styles.


Genuine leather tends to last much longer than pu leather, being resistant to scratches or punctures.

How to preserve pu leather?

Pu leather usually needs some particular care that is important to take into account to keep items that have been made with this material in perfect condition.

In this way, to carry out the cleaning process of this material, it is recommended to put into practice the following suggestions:

  • Soak the surface with a cloth or sponge, using hot water to do the procedure . In this way you can trap dirt, dust and other debris. Since it is quite easy to clean, this procedure is used for daily care and surfaces that are not very dirty.
  • Stubborn dirt can be cleaned with a bar of soap. If it is a dirt that has already been scrubbed, using plain water may not be enough.

It is advisable to use a perfume-free soap, since this will prevent this component from affecting the pu leather due to having residues or chemical substances. The bar will be rubbed on the most resistant dirt. In addition, dish detergent or liquid soap can also be used.

The soap will be cleaned with a damp cloth, trying not to leave any remains of this component, since if soap remains on the surface it can damage it. The surface will be allowed to dry without anyone having contact with the element that has been cleaned until it is completely dry. You have the option of using a dry cloth and wiping it over the pu leatherette surface to speed up the drying process.


How to preserve the original leather?

Genuine leather is a material that must be maintained periodically, because if it does not receive the necessary care, it can end up spoiling and it will lose its original appearance, coming to look in poor condition.

To take care of the original leather, some tips such as the following should be taken into account:

  • Avoid letting the leather item have direct contact with the sun for a long time.
  • Shake and aerate to frequently remove dust.
  • Do not wash them by soaking them in water, because the original leather is damaged when it comes into contact with abundant water .
  • Do not let them be near hot spots such as: heating, radiators, fireplaces.
  • Dry immediately if any liquid is spilled on the leather, since this material is usually very porous and if this liquid penetrates deeply, it will be very difficult to remove the stain.
  • Clean the elements with a damp cloth and in the event that they have stains, use drops of neutral PH soap.
  • Never use baby towels with alkaline substances.

We hope that knowing these differences between pu leather and the original will help you consider what type of material to choose when shopping for your fashion accessories.

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