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Discover how to care for your PU leather accessories

Do you want to know how to take care of your pu leather accessories, for a longer duration? If you are worried that your favorite accessories will deteriorate, you have to know everything about pu leather: duration , composition, maintenance, differences with respect to the original leather, etc.

At Grecca by Mia we want to help you, therefore, in this post we explain everything you need to know about it, and you have the opportunity to use your pu leather accessories for much longer.

What is pu leather?

Before going on to see more about pu leather, durability and how to extend the life of your accessories made with this material, it is essential to know exactly what it is, and what differentiates it from natural leather.

PU leather or polyurethane leather is a polymer composite material that is very similar to the original leather. Normally, a plastic polyurethane coating is made on a base made of polyester fiber, therefore we speak of a synthetic material.

That is, it is a kind of plastic created to behave and look similar to natural leather . Currently, you can find various types of artificial leather, such as PU leather or PVC leather.

Although there are some differences between pu leather and original leather , what stands out the most about this synthetic leather compared to the natural one is its composition. The pu leather is artificial, while the original is made from animal skin.

The advantages of pu leather with respect to natural leather are numerous, however, the durability of pu leather is not its greatest advantage. For this reason, we offer you some advice on how to extend the life of your accessories made of this material.


pu leather: duration

As we have just discussed, the durability of pu leather is not as long as that of the original leather. Because? This is due to its composition and thickness. Although the texture of both is very similar, pu leather is less thick, so this will directly affect its durability.

Being thinner, it can tear and deteriorate more easily , for this reason, the useful life of your accessory will be less. Similarly, this material tends to bend and crack over time. But don't worry, because you can apply some simple tricks to make your pu leather accessories last longer.

Tips to increase the durability of the pu leather of your accessories

If you want to enjoy your favorite accessories for a long time , you must know everything about pu leather: duration, composition, maintenance, differences with respect to leather, etc. Only in this way, you can extend the useful life of your accessories.

For this reason, we offer you some tricks so that you can achieve it with the best guarantees. Take note of everything we tell you below, and start seeing the results:

How to clean pu leather, for a longer duration

To extend the life of pu leather, it is essential to know how to clean it and maintain its appearance effectively, without damaging it . And how is that done? Well, you only need a cloth or a sponge to clean the surfaces. It is advisable to use hot water for a better result.

If you find stubborn stains or dirt, it's best to apply a little bar or liquid soap, fragrance-free , and make sure it doesn't contain chemicals that negatively affect your accessories.

Then, be sure to remove any soap residue that may have remained on the surfaces with the help of a damp cloth. This step is very important, because if we do not remove it completely, we could damage the pu leather. Finally, you would only have to let them dry, avoiding contact.


How to prevent pu leather from cracking

As we have just seen, regular and gentle cleaning is essential to care for our favorite accessories made with pu leather. For this reason, it would also be very useful to carry out preventive maintenance, after cleaning a specific stain.

Likewise, it may be advisable to apply oils that delay the cracking of synthetic leather or semi-leather surfaces . For example, baby oils manage to provide a protective layer that prevents cracks from occurring as a result of high temperatures or the action of UVB rays.

You could also use special leather care products , since these can favor the appearance of your accessories. However, in any of the cases it would be necessary to carry out a preliminary test to verify that the product we want to use is not abrasive and ends up negatively affecting the state of the pu leather.

Therefore, it is best to apply said specific compound in some inconspicuous place, and only when we know for sure that it does not harm pu leather, we will apply it to all surfaces.

Other tricks to extend the useful life of pu leather:

  • Keep your pu leather accessories out of direct sunlight. This could deteriorate its composition and appearance.
  • Always rub pu leather surfaces with soft materials.
  • Try to remove the stains as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you buy a quality product , because if the preparation does not meet the necessary conditions, or the materials used are not adequate, its deterioration will be inevitable.

As we have just seen, there are some tricks to increase the durability of pu leather and to be able to enjoy our accessories for much longer . However, if the quality of these is not good, not much can be done to prevent their deterioration.

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