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6 formas diferentes de bolsos y sus características

6 different shapes of bags and their characteristics

Bags are the ideal accessories to give a unique touch to any look, so it is important to know which are the best alternatives according to the different shapes of bags , since based on this criterion the best choice can be made according to what Deserves the occasion and the look you wear.

Meet 6 shapes of bags

Leather bags represent a classic as they are pieces that, no matter how much time passes, do not usually go out of style and can combine perfectly with different looks, enhancing the character of your clothing and being the ideal accomplices to venture out into life. no more.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the different shapes of bags that are most often used and we will show you some models from our Happy Hippie catalogue, whose models break with the schemes and can carry the best secret that you keep in your closet:

1. Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags are rectangular- shaped bags that have the particularity that they can be worn across the body or on the shoulder, which makes them very comfortable to carry on a daily basis.

These were an icon as a fashion accessory during the hippie movement that took place in the 70s , establishing itself as an accessory that continues to be the favorite of many women, since it is considered a very versatile and functional bag style that also, It is still seen on the catwalks.

They are ideal to be used as accessories to casual looks and enhance the appearance when wearing a shirt dress, jeans, among others.

In our stock of products you can find different models of the Happy Hippie bag line, such as some shoulder bags for women such as the Happy Party, Happy Look, Grecca Worlds, Happy Cocktail, Happy Classic, Happy Spring designs, as well as the Happy Project, which It can be used by both women and men.

These designs have been created by hand in 100% leather and various details that make them high-quality bag models, perfect for those who want to wear a casual look and highlight good taste in clothing without sacrificing comfort.


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2. Belt bag

Also known as waist bags or fanny packs, among the different shapes of bags, these are a classic that is shaped very similar to a kangaroo bag.

They have the advantage that they are very light and practical, being able to be carried everywhere, being perfect for camping days, since they will allow you to easily have some objects and personal documents at hand.

Regarding the different shapes of bags, those of this class can be adapted through designs that can be used by both men and women and are usually made in different shapes such as oval or rectangular, being able to find various trends ranging from the most elegant to the classic designs that are more traditional.

Its main users are people who want to walk without feeling that they are carrying a lot of weight that causes them some discomfort, with adjustable straps around the hip.

The Happy Dancer from our online catalog is a perfect bag model for both women and men that has been handcrafted in 100% leather and with a textile and leather interior. It serves to create the perfect combination in contrast to its detail in old gold.

This model is a practical design of excellent quality that comes with three compartments and an adjustable belt so that you can wear it safely when you are using it.

happy dancer bag

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3. Backpack

Among the different types of bags , this class is very old and bears a certain similarity to sacks, which makes it the perfect complement to feel comfortable every day. Being a shoulder bag, it gives great freedom to its users, since they can carry them with them while doing other tasks at the same time.

It is a type of bag that has been made in a variety of designs, colors, sizes and fabrics or leathers , being a perfect alternative to transport belongings in a very practical and comfortable way.

These bags are usually the favorite option for those who go to the gym or practice a particular activity.

Among the backpacks in our catalog we can highlight some unisex vintage style models, which are very comfortable for daily use such as the Happy Style, Happy Weekend and Happy City Bag.

These have been elaborated with many details in their designs that have been created by hand in 100% leather, trying different forms of zippered bags that stand out for having adjustable handles and having been created with details in old gold.

These are classic designs that will go perfectly with jeans or a bohemian or vintage style dress.


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4. Shopper bag

This class of bags is also known as Shopping Bag and they are usually of a large size, since they are the favorites for shopping. Also, they are recommended for those people who like to carry many things in their bag.

In our Happy Hippie catalog we have the Happy Bag , which is a women's model that has been made 100% by hand and has a wonderful front detail of old gold rings that make a great combination with the fringes and will help you to create a Boho Chic movie style .


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This also has the ease of having adjustable handles to offer greater comfort during use.

5. Envelope Bags

It is a small size bag that has a flap that acts as a closure. Its appearance is very similar to the typical postal envelope, especially because of its lines that imitate its shape.

Some models for women are the H appy bombon,

Baby leather shoulder bag and piti leather bag , with designs of different shapes and are of high quality, since they have been 100% handmade and usually have beautiful details that make it an elegant option to attend a meeting or casual party and complement your look.

leather bag

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6. Doctor bag or briefcase bag

This bag owes its name to the fact that it was conceived under the inspiration in different shapes of bags from the old doctor's briefcases with worn leather and rivets , being a rigid and masculine model that has short handles.

It is one of the most elegant and versatile types of bags that exist, distinguished by some details, such as its square cut, short handle, triangular flap and a metallic closure that transform it into fashion icon bags .

You can find many versions ranging from the most classic designs, very similar to doctor's bags, to options with different shapes that have more feminine details and motifs.

The Happy Doct model from our catalog is a men's bag that has been created by hand in cowhide leather and the interior is lined and has a zippered pocket. It has a briefcase closure, a fixed handle and a long strap that you can adjust to feel more comfortable when you are using this timeless design. Here we leave you the latest trends in bags this fall winter 2021


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Where to buy excellent quality bags?

If you are looking for high-quality bags with original shapes , in our Grecca by Mia online store we have models of bags for women and bags for men that mark the latest fashion trends.

You can also find our Happy Hippie catalogue, with beautiful handmade bags, which will represent a reaffirmation of the classic styles in each of its models. Visit us!

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