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Do you know what the Bohemian Style is and its history? How to apply it?


Over time we have seen fashion icons use the bohemian style in their looks, such stars as Sienna Miller, Rachel Zoe and Kate Moss are referents who set the boho chic style on trend this season, but their origin dates back to about 200 years ago . Don't you believe us?

This trend has a long journey in history, which has managed to reach different areas. From Grecca By Mia we tell you all the details about the bohemian style, its history, evolution and how you can apply it to your outfits.

Discover the bohemian style!

Definition of Bohemian or Boho.


The word Boho is short for Bohemian Homeless , which refers to the gypsy ethnic group of the Bohemian region. His lifestyle differs from the standard bourgeois norms, which defends values ​​of nomadic freedom.

The boho stands out for being a free style, critical and dissatisfied with high places. For this reason, several artists and writers were influenced by the bohemian style, which permeated different areas of life, such as fashion and the way of dressing.

How did the bohemian style come about?

One of the earliest recorded references to the bohemian style is found in French Romantic writer Henri Murger's book, Scènes de la Vie de Bohème (1851). This work inspired other artists and writers to talk about this movement that arose in Paris.

The bohemian style or movement of that time renounces social conventions and promotes living in a joyful and nomadic way like the gypsies in the Czech Republic. In this way, the bohemia sought to move away from the conventional social rules that urged to behave and dress in a sober way.

Although the boho movement appeared in Paris, it did not take long for this trend to spread to other cities such as Buenos Aires, London and Madrid. One of the most outstanding authors that we find in Spain is the author Valle-Inclán with his play Luces de Bohemia (1924), which shows the bohemian style of Madrid through the Andalusian boho writer Max Estrella.

The artistic medium felt identified with this trend, because a large group was marginalized by society and high places. Through the boho style they felt a freedom to express themselves in all aspects of their lives.

What is the boho style in fashion?

The bohemian style fashion arises from the precariousness in which people lived after the French Revolution. After this event, many women lost their access to haute couture, moving away from the marked materialism that existed in the Parisian capital.

Following the bohemian style meant finding and expressing unusual beauty through few resources while still looking Chic. In this way, they forgot many of the conventions dictated by society where more protocol was required when dressing.

Bohemian clothing is characterized by being loose, simple and natural, without corsets, much less wigs. This evolved to another level in the 20th century with the appearance of the Hippie movement of the 60s. Do you know this style?

bohemian style

Influence on the Hippie movement

The idea of ​​freedom and not respecting the social standards of the bohemian style was adopted by the Hippie movement during the 60-70s. The Hippies took a rebellious attitude towards the social and political problems in the United States, being the symbol of peace their hallmark.

The Woodstock Festival (1969) is known in history as one of the highlights of the hippie movement, where artists, musicians, designers such as Thea Porter and all kinds of followers of this trend gathered.

Wearing hippie clothing meant wearing designs made with different materials, fabrics, colors, baggy pieces that broke with the conventional patterns of the time. For example, the pants were used high and with a wide boot.

In this way, you can notice how the hippie movement took the reference from the bohemian style. Being a freer clothing devoid of rules and rigid social standards , since they also took inspiration from different ethnic groups. This was observed in the exuberance of the finishes and materials with which the garments were designed.

Evolution from bohemian style to boho chic

The boho chic trend takes old aesthetics as references, turning them into an urban chic style . In it, elements of the bohemian style, the hippie movement, vintage and folk clothing are mixed.

One of the many figures in the middle who dared to combine these trends was Kate Moss at the beginning of the 20th century. The model sought to opt for a more creative, natural and irreverent style compared to luxury fashion brands. Although, currently, boho chic is not limited to combining bohemia with garments from top brands in the fashion industry.

Taking the look romantic and free , made with a variety of fabrics, the boho chic style in fashion is an evolution of the bohemian style. This is how he prevailed on the best catwalks in the world of fashion. Would you like to use this trend?


Tips to apply the bohemian style

To apply the bohemian style to your outfits, you should look for certain elements that stand out in fashion designs, and at Grecca By Mia, we offer you different tips to apply this style and set trends:

  • Lush accessories with eye-catching details. Stand out with fun bohemian style jewelry, which is full of colors and various shapes.
  • Field boots with distinctive patterns. These add personality and ease to the outfits.
  • Various laces with fabrics such as macramé. Romantic delicacy for you to use and give your look an unusual touch.
  • Combination of prints and chic appliqués.
  • Colorful embroideries with different floral finishes or striking ethnic patterns.
  • Bags made by hand by using a multitude of quality materials such as animal skins.
  • Shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, fresh and loose shorts.
  • Incorporation of appliqués, fringes, tassels etc. Full freedom with these elements, because they give you a happy and different appearance.
  • Looser and less elaborate hairstyles without looking scruffy.
  • Forget uncomfortable shoes and wear comfortable sandals.
  • Use of fur hats with embroidery, belts or other original appliqués.
  • Torn garments or with a patch. Nothing demonstrates urban boho chic more than these modern additions.

Would you dare to wear the bohemian style? At Grecca By Mia you can create your own bohemian look with the different lines and boho chic garments that we put at your disposal in our online store.

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