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Celebrities with boho chic style: Do you know them all?

The boho chic style is one of the most used today and this is because some movie stars, as well as models, have adopted it. Many are the famous hippie chic style who have ever tried it, but they use it almost daily. We tell you which are the best dressed hippie chic celebrities to learn from them at Grecca by Mia.

Imitate these famous boho chic women

Defining how to dress is difficult when combining attributes of past fashions such as hippie, bohemian and even vintage. However, knowing how to dress famous hippie chic style we have a more accurate idea. These are some of the ones that we always see wearing boho:

➡ Sienna Miller

The dressmakers attribute the birth of these outfits to Sienna Miller who, in 2004, appeared at the Glastonbury festival in a black denim dress with a leather belt. This 60s-style studded accessory highlighted her waist as the dress was a loose garment both on the torso and on the legs.

From there the beginning, but today, we can see her wearing maxi dresses with floral or ethnic motifs like many other celebrities with a hippie chic style . Also, bet on ripped and loose jeans with leather country boots or sandals. Another of the accessories used by her is always the maxi leather bag like the ones we offer you in our Hippie Happy line .

➡ Kate Moss

Other good examples of what the boho chic style is are the outfits of Kate Moss who didn't take more than a year to adopt the Sienna Miller fashion. In this case, their outfits consist of designer clothes such as fashionable leather jackets and blouses with designer oriental prints. The way to combine them is the protagonist to recreate boho chic.

Her way of dressing was taken by many celebrities with a hippie chic style later, for wearing branded leather boots, along with bags made of this material to complete her look. Another way to show your attachment to boho is by wearing necklaces and bracelets with colored stones similar to the handmade ones.

➡Mary Kate Olsen

The Olsen twins are famous with their hippie chic style , but the one most attached to boho is Mary Kate Olsen. She often wears plus-size cardigans, similar to the open hippie smocks but in on-trend fabrics. In the same way, his pants are usually earth-colored and loose to give him a touch of comfort.

She stands out from the hippie-chic celebs by wearing vintage accessories like knitted scarves in light colors. Likewise, her way of wearing her hair is an example of how to have a hippie chic style with a simple ponytail, which reveals the volume of the hair.


➡ Sara Carbonero

One of the famous hippie chic in Spain is the reporter Sara Carbonero. Her way of dressing has become her hallmark by adopting the boho chic style for women . In it, the flowing dress with floral motifs, both printed and embroidered, became popular. This is always accompanied by high brown boots, especially if it is a short dress.

Likewise, she creates other outfits following the fashionable boho chic, such as her combination of plus size sweaters with light skinny or flared jeans. In addition, there is never a lack of leather accessories such as belts or fringed bags.

➡ Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress from Sex and the City is one of the main celebrities with a hippie chic style since she usually opts for ethnic dresses with oriental motifs. These are made of fine fabrics, very wide and long, in the bohemian fashion of four or five decades ago. Her looks are among the simplest of boho chic, preferring one-piece outfits.

Her dresses are combined with short designer boots in beige or colored sandals combined with the central piece. In the same way, she always wears bracelets with stones, metal necklaces and colored earrings. All this, crowned by loose hair with a headband or collected with a bow.

This is our list of celebrities with a hippie chic style of which you surely know more than one. Follow their ways of dressing to look amazing just like them and take them as an example to create your own boho chic look. Learn more about fashion by following our blog and visit the Grecca by Mía store where you will find fashion items for your outfits.

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