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Tipos de cuero para bolsos: elige el mejor

Types of leather for bags: choose the best

Leather is a flexible, resistant and versatile material to work on all kinds of garments such as coats, bags, belts, footwear, etc. Therefore, you must be very careful with imitations when acquiring any of the types of leather for bags on the market.

If you like leather bags, but you don't know which one to choose, don't worry! In this article, we will explain in detail everything about the different types of leather for bags so that you can easily select the best quality designs.

What kind of leather is better?

Before introducing you to the types of leather for bags, we think it is pertinent that you know the difference between fur leather and PU or synthetic leather , so that you are not fooled by imitations.

Each one goes through a different manufacturing process when making the garments. Polyurethane or PU leather is a type of plasticized texture that synthetically imitates leather. But that does not mean that synthetic leather is a poor quality product, rather among its benefits compared to original leather, it recognizes that PU requires less maintenance over time.

Although it does need more care than Pu, the original leather lasts much longer and its quality improves over time, becoming softer to the touch. In addition, it is an element with a higher transpiration index than the synthetic, which helps to keep the bag in perfect condition.

Genuine leather is worked through a tanning process , where the skin of the animal becomes imperishable, that is, the layer removed from the animal will not decompose over time. Becoming an effective and versatile product to work during the preparation of designs.

Types of leather for bags

The main difference between the types of leather for bags can be seen in the feel of the skins with which these pieces are made. If you have ever had the opportunity to touch an original leather garment, you surely know what we are referring to.

The hair of a cow does not feel the same as that of a pig, since the former is softer and can be used in all kinds of bags, such as the Happy Emotion Piel backpack in our catalogue, which is an elegant design. and versatile for any occasion.

In this way, elements such as softness, rigidity and resistance play an important role when choosing between the different types of leather for bags. As happens with the age of the animal , since the younger the skin, the better the quality.

So, do you want to know the characteristics of each one?

Not to mention more!

▶ Calf

Unlike cowhide, young male calves have thinner hair follicles, which form a much finer and more delicate structure than cow-tanned material.

In this sense, calf leather is characterized by constituting a type of velvety layer in garments that is very tender and pleasant to the touch.

▶ Bovine or Cow

As we mentioned before within the types of leather for bags, bovine or cow skin is the most worked due to its malleability and resistance to use , not only in handbags but in all kinds of garments such as belts and even in furniture to decorate.

Although it may be a bit stiff at first, cowhide leather does not lose its softness and versatility, making it a favorite among designers and brands around the world.

▶ Goat

Goat skins are even finer than calf skins . For this reason, it is used in high-priced products because its delicacy and elegance are unmatched.

Being so fine, it is much more compact and flexible, thus generating a leather of great value in the world market.

▶ Ram or Sheep

A very curious fact about this animal is that the worse the ram's wool is, the better the skin to make in the workshop. Curious isn't it?

When its layer is removed, one of the most extensible and lightest types of leather for bags to work with is obtained, but in it, it is very difficult to make engravings for that same fineness.

▶ Pig

Pig leather is rough and porous to the touch , but it has an absolute resistance that has nothing to envy to other leathers. Of course, it has the disadvantage of its rigidity when maneuvering the skin.

For this reason, designers seek to make the linings of the pieces with this skin, since something firm and stable is needed to support the garment.

▶ Foal

The quality of foal skin is usually lower than that of bovine. Therefore, dressmakers use pony leather as a cheaper option when designing a bag.

Surely you are wondering why change quality for economy? Because among the characteristics of the horse leather is that it is as fine as that of the goat , thus providing a fineness and flexibility that overflows elegance in the models made with this leather.

Our Shopper Winter pony skin bag is the best example to prove it to you, since it combines showiness and looseness in the same design.

Grecca By Mia the best leather bags at the best prices

We hope that now you can distinguish between the different types of leather for bags and that they help you to know which is the best option when purchasing your accessories to combine with an endless number of outfits.

If you want to know more about our models of leather bags for men and women, be sure to visit us at Grecca by Mia , where you can find a wide catalog, provided not only with wallets but also with belts, buckles and even costume jewellery. We will wait for you!

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